Music tames the savage beast.


Best Bud Light ad evar…

(thanks for the catch Tim Green!)


Florence and the Machine live, acoustic


Universal Music threw a pretty amazing party/showcase for the Grammy’s this year, Florence Welch, Ellie Goulding, Emelli Sandé, Little Big Town, One Republic and many others took the stage.

Emeli Sandé killed it, and Florence and the Machine were spectacular as usual.

Check it out, sorry for the camera work, bad audio, strange laughter etc.

Ella sings with the Hellman Hoedown! Fletcherpalooza @ Slim Shadey’s


Amazing performance from Ella, an 11 year old who took the stage with the Hellman Hoedown during the recent Fletcherpalooza!

Kind of reminds me of being forced to sing country music on stage with my father’s band when I was a kid, except Ella is really, really good.

Thanks to all the people who put on this amazing event for a great cause, it was a huge success, and a memorable night!