NightBus releases experimental “three way” Pop single, and it’s COOL!

NightBus  just launched their new single, “When The Night Comes.” This new song features groundbreaking Stereo 3-Way technology, so that fans can listen to each bud/speaker separately for the full Stereo 3-Way effect!

Listen on headphones, and play around, it’s pretty cool.


From the NYT article:

Dance Band Experiments With ‘Three-Way Stereo’


Playing With Tracks

The song “When the Night Time Comes” by NightBus is recorded in an unusual way — with two completely different, complementary versions of the song on the left and right channels.

Pop musicians have been tinkering with the possibilities of stereo sound for decades. In the 1960s, for example, the Beatles sometimes separated individual instruments between left and right channel, and the Velvet Underground took that to an extreme on songs like “The Murder Mystery.”

Now NightBus, a dance-pop band with members split between Los Angeles and London, has what it says is a novel take on stereo. Its single, “When the Night Time Comes,” to be released on Tuesday by S-Curve Records, is produced in what it calls “three-way stereo,” an audio innovation for the earbud age.

The song was recorded with very different but complementary arrangements for each audio channel. On the right side is a midtempo guitar version with male vocal; on the left is a more upbeat, electronic dance track with a female vocal. Put together, they form a third version that — unlike some songs built with such sonic experiments in mind — sounds seamless.

“The idea was to make it sound like two totally separate recordings of the song,” said Jack Kennedy, 28, one of the band’s two singers and its resident producer, “so that when you listen to them individually they have different vibes, but when they combine they still work, and they don’t clash.”


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