Why don’t musicians sing with accents?

I’m weird, I’ve pondered this question for basically all my life, (it started with the Beatles)

Finally an answer; this article on buzzfeed does a pretty great job of explaining things, and there’s lots of videos to really help you wrap your head around it.

““What gets lost in singing are the suprasegmentals,” a linguistic term used to indicate qualities like stress, tone, and syllabification, Fioretta said. In other words, a song’s rhythm can limit a singer’s ability to pronounce words, and especially vowels, in his or her usual cadence: “The tone, the intonation, the rhythm of a language; these all get lost in singing,” he says.”

Good stuff,


Panama Wedding at Barrel House!

LIttle Ears presents!

Electro pop up’n’comers Panama Wedding are doing a showcase at The Barrel House on Wednesday July 30th and you’re invited! Please RSVP if you want to be on the list for the show (yes there IS a list.)

I will be spinning tunes to open and close the show, working on a new more dance-oriented set this week.

These are great and intimate concerts and you can catch acts that will be playing the larger venues soon.