Grizfolk live @GSP September 11, 1PM!

Big thanks to Bicycle music for putting this show together, Grizfolk will be playing a special lunchtime set for us on September 11 @ 1PM in the third floor hangout.

Should be a great show, these guys are really talented they do some big anthemic songs and we need big anthems!

There’s a few more upcoming shows to announce soon.


SXSW panel- Mad Men and Women of Music

Hey there, if you could do me a favor and vote for our panel at SXSW 2015, I’d be very grateful.

A little more info:

There are but a few Musical Directors/Executives at the Major Advertising Agencies in the US that guide the music used in Advertising and Commercials. Meet some of them at SXSW and hear their insight on the craft and process of Music in Advertising.

Some call them the new A&R.

Others say that Advertising is the new Radio.

Some even claim that their jobs encompass every aspect of the business of music.

And others say that hey may be the best translators of music speak to walk the earth 🙂

Music in Advertising is a Mad, Mad World. Rooted on Madison Avenue, it’s one worth a good look to anyone interested in the modern music business.

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