Bands seen- 8

Meerkat stream viewers- 5 (check my live streams @SXSW on Twitter, treal111)

Steps walked- 16,143

BBQ eaten- Hell yes!

Hello, and good morning!

Got in in late afternoon yesterday picked up my badge and got sorted out! First show of the fest,  I managed to catch one my favorite bands from Austin, Riverboat Gamblers, always a rocking good time and a nice welcome back to SXSW. Met up with friends, publishers and other music supervisors, hit the Norway music event then checked out Sammus, a female emcee who’s part of the nerdcore wave that’s going on right now. Really interesting lyrics, especially about anime and video games. She also raps aboout there not being a lot of role models for women in that world, sounds nerdy, but it was amazing, unexpectedly emotional. Managed to get into hype hotel, grab some delicious Taco Bell food and saw Milo Greene, Odezsa and Spoon ended the night. Today at 12:30p I’m in a panel discussing licensesing for ads, it’s called Madmen (and Women) of Music, if you are at the festival, please come check us out!   Bands seen:

  1. The Mighty Jones
  2. Riverboat Gamblers
  3. Andra Day
  4. Sammus
  5. Igdy Dean
  6. Milo Greene
  7. Odesza
  8. Spoon

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