Bands seen- 12

Panels killed- 1

Meerkat stream viewers- 6

Steps walked 21,130

Bike shares- 9

BBQ eaten- HELL YES!

Yesterday was the first full day of SXSW activities. Met with David from Shapiro Bernstein in the AM, managed to sit down for breakfast with JOYWAVE who they publish, then ran to the convention center to meet up w my fellow panelists, josh Rabinowitz (Grey) Rani Vaz (BBDO) and Paul Greco (BBDO.) did our panel “The Madmen (and women) of advertising” had a great time talking about the current state of music in ads, and answered questions from audience members, good stuff and great to share stories.

Then it was out on the streets and to the main event, the MUSIC.

Had some great discoveries yesterday, stayed away from the big shows and the big cues, was introduced to Canadian band “Single Mothers” who melted faces  off at the Canadian Blast BBQ, caught Seinebo Sei, Family of the year, missed Leon Bridge, TWICE 😳, checked out Just Blaze (you KNOW his beats!)  crossed Elliphant off my list and found Halsey late night, another great discovery.

Also joined Austin’s bike share program, GAME CHANGER!!! So nice to be able to zip between distant venues and meetings!

Bands seen-

Plaid Brix
Family of the year
Single Mothers
Dead Sara
Milk and Bone 
Years and years
Seinebo Sei
Just Blaze

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