There’s like a LOT of crazy stuff in the new Jack ü / Justin Bieber video.

Jack ü let fans participate in the creration fo their new video for “Where are ü now?” Pausing the video will reveal some pretty memorable imagery, incl. Mr. Bieber with a spear through his chest. Yikes.


Summer on you Speakers 2015 playlist!

This going to be an ever-expanding/changing playlist over the next few weeks.

Hope you dig, hey, pre-order that new Cayucas record, it’s maybe my favorite thing coming out for the Summer, so GOOD.



New Beck single “Dreams” changes the way you see Beck

I dig this, but it sounds a bit more like Foster The People than Beck to me. It’s good to hear that despite the Grammy, Beck isn’t concerned  with making music that people expect from him.



Donnie Trumpet, The Social Experiment and Chance the Rapper drop a new album and it’s FREE.

Just listening to this now, but it’s sounding very good. You should check it out, exciting stuff coming out from Chicago’s best and brightest.

Read the billboard article here. 


Singing Serpent’s soundtrack for new Geoff Rowley / Vans short

Really nice soundtrack work from the gifted snakes at Singing Serpent on this short piece profiling legendary skater Geoff Rowley.


Aurora releases “Running with the Wolves” music video.

And the Aurora takeover marches on..


Treasure Island 2015 lineup!

Wow, another great and DIVERSE lineup at TIMF! I can’t wait for the Father John Misty/Deadmau5/Shamir collab!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.43.44 PM


Grounders release real purdy, real spacey music video.

Toronto psych rockers Grounders just released this very cool, hand drawn animated video, nice to see some retro-innovation in the music video space.



Festival SUPREME announces lineup!

Tenacious D’s little music and comedy event, “Festival Supreme”  looks very promising this year.


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.54.11 PM


Aurora plays @ GSP today 1:15 PM.

Norwegian singer and rising star Aurora is coming to play for us today at 1:15, please try to make it, this is NOT to be missed!

Big thanks to Glassnote Records!