Air Bag One plays GSP 7/30 4:30 PM!

Just a reminder that French electro pop darlings Air Bag One are landing in SF direct from PARIS this Thursday and they’re coming to play a special afternoon set for us!

”Air Bag One, the Paris-via-Cameroon duo that first stormed onto the scene with their irresistible debut anthem “1992″ at the top of this year, make their triumphant return to the states next month as they play Popshop Brooklyn alongside Bit Funk. Ahead of their Popshop debut, they return this week with the flipside to the 1992 7″ with brand new heater “You’ve Got Somethin”. All dazzling synths and dizzying electronics, it’s a 
transcontinental triumph, like Friendly Fires covering JT‘s “Like I Love You” with a touch of St. Lucia thrown in for good measure. Don’t miss Air Bag One’s Popshop debut at Brooklyn Bowl July 11th.”


Big ups to Ralph Koum and Ruben Nation Records for helping the show come together!

We will have nice cold beverages, and good music, let’s get together, shall we?


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