“Flat version” of Santigold’s new video hits

Nice amount of casual celeb cameos in the non-interactive piece. Look for Jay Z, Pharrell, Adam Samberg and many others.



Hands are super weird.

This was THE DAY!
So many great shows and everyone from the music industry had arrived in town so it was meet ups times a million. So good to have everyone together at once, all of them had a band or a project to share, really exciting stuff, 2016 is going to rule for new music.
Went to see Rae Sremmurd, they absolutely destroyed the place, most energy I’ve seen out of a large crowd this year.

Made some videos  for ya, check out iggy pop playing with Josh homme, it was a legendary show. Iggy’s  67, this does give me hope 😉 there’s also a lot of rock and hip hop that’s pretty raw, so be warned, it may melt your speakers, face.

Artists in videos: iggy pop, jungles!!!, Anderson .paak, Ezra Furman, Deap Vally, white reaper,




So nice that it’s not 95 degrees today… Yesterday was tough, melting hipsters everywhere, oh, the humanity!

Today started w a meet up with Capitol records to hear the new Beck record, then off to the Canadian showcase (they have the nicest bands!) I  managed to catch Yung and Dilly Dally at cheer up charlies, and then PWR BTTM then Aurora (her debut album is out! Get it!) then Grizfolk, Deap Vally, and an amazing set by iggy pop w josh homme and co at the moody theater, I’m convinced the moody is one of the best modern large venues… the place is incredible.

Caught Anderson .Paak (amazing) Ezra Furman and wrapped it up w Shannon and the Clams at the Wichita records showcase.

Good stuff!


  Pwr BTTM 

 Sad 😕  
  Deap Vally  Iggy Pop

   Ezra Furman
Shannon and the Clams.


Ahh yes, the sweet smell of the interactive to music fest SXSW changeover; as the nerds flee the city, the tattoo’d hipsters descend. Good stuff, feels like Spring. 

 Today is traditionally the “get shit sorted out” day in Austin. Picking up badges, getting wristbands,  getting wristbands to get VIP wristbands, getting more wristbands, wishing Lil’ Dicky a happy birthday, eating a taco, taking a meeting, getting another taco, running into Brad Oberhoffer at a cafe, maybe having a beer, (just maybe.)
Innovative Leisure has their showcase today, that should be a nice appetizer before things kick off tonight.