Got a bit of a late start yesterday, but  I managed to salvage the day and meet up with a few agency ppl, saw some bands too.

 So good to be back in Austin! Spring is in the air, music is in the air, and my feet are on the ground for Music’s Spring Break! 
Hit the GSD&M party last night and met up with Michael from Bicycle/Concord music group, then joined Laura, Rohan and Zack good stuff.

On the bill for today: guild of music supervisors meeting, Francis and the Lights, fader, Levi’s, Lagunitas brewing showcase and much much more! 

Favorite theme for band names for today GRANDPARENTS! What says rock more than that?!

Grandpa death Experience

Let’s eat Grandma


Shows from Monday!

Sylvan Esso!

Flint Flossy from Turquoise Jeep- the FIRST act I’d ever booked for the Doritos stage!

Fragile Rock! You like Joy Division? You Like Puppets? OMFG! 


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