SXSW day 2! 

A  great first full-day of SXSW! Lots of meetings and meet ups, seeing people that we work with all year in the flesh. 

Had a great morning show experience with New York’s Diet Cig (adorable!) and managed to check out Naked Giants as they tore the roof off a small club at 1:30pm in the afternoon. Very happy to report it looks like Naked Giants landed a nice Adobe sync with us later that day! 

Managed to catch Vince Staples play an amazing set at the Apple Music event, (they are spending $$$$ on making content down here!) finished the night with The Dig, New Pornographers, Spoon and the amazing Peelander-Z!

Naked Giants live at SXSW!!! Shout out to Pringles! Hahaha!

What happens to a great song when you have off Iggy with the venue sound! 😫


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