Life is Beautiful 2017 line up!

September 22-24 in downton Las Vegas, Another Planet Entertainment presents Life is Beautiful, a very cool multi disciplinary music/cooking/arts event, festuring VERY strong line up!



OSL 2017!!!!

Looking like another good year for our little music festival in the park, a really impressive and diverse lineup (read as OLD GUY ROCK.) Stay tuned for night show announcements!

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Live Nation launches $20 ticket promotion.

Yes, it’s back, and yes, tickets should probably be $20 all the time, but they’re NOT.

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Live Nation, the world’s largest promoter, will announce today that it is bringing back the $20 “Kickoff To Summer” ticket promotion that helped the firm hit record numbers at its amphitheaters in 2015, despite tough competition from stadium shows and festivals.

Artists from Alabama Shakes to ZZ Top will take part in the promotion (see full list below), which includes both Live Nation-promoted tours and shows booked on a regional and local basis by the territorial promoter in each market.

Hiatus Kaiyote plays Jimmy Kimmel!

Australia’s premier nu-soul-jazz combo Hiatus Kaiyote played Jimmy Kimmel this week, and Nai had a rare moment where she put down the guitar and just sang.
I really love these guys, they played the agency a year ago and also were nimonated for a Grammy that same year.
What they do can be challenging to the ear, but they do it so well and are so tight live, you have to respect their creativity and musicianship. They have some BIG fans too, including Prince who called the world’s attention to their music a few years ago.