If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of Green Day…

Pretty good doc about Green Day and the origins of the East Bay punk scene.


This, on repeat, all day.


New Watsky video!

Hey all, just wanted you to check out the rad new video for Watsky, super high production values and visual effects skills were put to work on “Don’t be nice [X Infinity]”

Check it out below.


The Rebel Light would like to increase the vibe

Nice video from LA’s The Rebel Light.


Day Wave stripped

Local Oakland dream pop / surf rockers Day Wave did a pretty cool set for Flood Magazine’s  Penguin series… if you haven’t check them out, you should.


A Kanye a day…


Your new favorite band, Tall Heights

A stunning release for this Boston-based two piece. check the single below played live… chills. It’s my mission in life to have them come play for us, we just missed them here in SF last week.



Simpsons Wave, it’s a thing.

Yes, making music videos out of scenes from The Simpsons is happening.

Here’s an hour of proof.


Olafur Arnalds launches new project, “Island Songs”

The always magical and innovative Icelandic composer Olafur Arnalds has launched a new project, a “Living Film” shot around Iceland, check it out:

Welcome to Island Songs.

Over the next 7 weeks, I will be traveling to 7 different locations in Iceland – one per week – to record a series of new compositions.

In each location I will be collaborating with local artists to create and perform a new song and each week I will release the audio track and video performance, shot by director Baldvin Z. Each artist has their own unique story to tell and way of contributing, making this a diverse and evolving project.

Island Songs is a living musical film and therefore everything will be documented in real-time. You can join me by keeping an eye on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and IslandSongs.is for regular media and commentary.

New locations will be added to the map as we go and songs will be released every Monday.