If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of Green Day…

Pretty good doc about Green Day and the origins of the East Bay punk scene.


GSP Alum Jason Hall unleashes the fury on new Western Addiction album.

Nice write up on the new Western Addiction album in Decibel Magazine, another exciting move towards a re-emergence of HARDCORE (and much angrier music in 2017.) The album is out NOW on punk prestige label Fat Wreck Chords go GET IT!

Can’t wait to hear what’s next, there’s gonna be a lot of guitars sold (and broken) in the next four years… BRING IT!!!

There’s something AMAZING happening at LA’s MOCA.


Bryan Ray Turcotte from Beta Petrol music is behind a GREAT exhibit on now, it’s called “The Art of Punk” it’s not to be missed, and the videos are really inspirational.

Some swearing, and stuff… but it’s rock n roll, so y’know.