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Stories for ways and means.

Really cool project from Jeff Antebi and Waxploitation records, (Dangermouse, Gnarls Barkley, The Shins and many others.)

I’ve got a copy in my office, please swing by and check it out!

Life is Beautiful 2017 line up!

September 22-24 in downton Las Vegas, Another Planet Entertainment presents Life is Beautiful, a very cool multi disciplinary music/cooking/arts event, festuring VERY strong line up!



You think your day at work was rough?

New single form Chris Lake out on OWSLA  meow!


OSL 2017!!!!

Looking like another good year for our little music festival in the park, a really impressive and diverse lineup (read as OLD GUY ROCK.) Stay tuned for night show announcements!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.41.46 AM


Mashups never die, (they just multiply)


Simpsons Wave, it’s a thing.

Yes, making music videos out of scenes from The Simpsons is happening.

Here’s an hour of proof.


Hood Internet FTW.


Aurora’s stunning Bowie cover.

Oh man, what an amazing night, Aurora closed the show with this rendition of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” and the earth stood still for just a moment.



Ahh yes, the sweet smell of the interactive to music fest SXSW changeover; as the nerds flee the city, the tattoo’d hipsters descend. Good stuff, feels like Spring. 

 Today is traditionally the “get shit sorted out” day in Austin. Picking up badges, getting wristbands,  getting wristbands to get VIP wristbands, getting more wristbands, wishing Lil’ Dicky a happy birthday, eating a taco, taking a meeting, getting another taco, running into Brad Oberhoffer at a cafe, maybe having a beer, (just maybe.)
Innovative Leisure has their showcase today, that should be a nice appetizer before things kick off tonight.