Outside Lands 2015 LINEUP!!!



SXSW Wrap show!


Days 4 & 5 combined and notes on the week.

Steps walked- 36,093 Total miles walked Monday-Sunday 45.8 miles

Bands seen Friday / Saturday- 33 Total # of Bands Tues- Sunday- 67!* a new record!

(*this is SXSW, set times, viewing times will vary)

Meerkat viewers-14 (meh.) Total- Meh.

Social media impressions- very roughly 74K ++ (based on twitter, meerkat and instagram activity, thanks for the RT’s and mentions!)

Bikes shared- 13 Total Bikes shared- around 40

BBQ eaten? Kill me NOW.

Great couple days to wrap up SXSW, the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of those attending and the music kept on till the wee hours.

TOP THREE NEW DISCOVERY ACTS- 1. Halsey 2. Girl Band 3. Ex Cult 3.1- Tory Lanez

Friday / Saturday highlights:

Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday- Willie Nelson and Jimmy sing together and then Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros took the show into the studio audience. Always great to see our friends at Jimmy Kimmel, let’s do something with them real soon, OK?

Run The Jewels- although the audience had shifted from the mid week crowd of hard core SXSW attendees to a more watered down “my first concert” crew, you could not stop the energy of Run The Jewels.  Push came to shove at this show, and Killer Mike (who’d been attacked on stage earlier in the week) showed his power to both incite and calm the masses.

Hearing Raekwon show up on stage at the Ghostface Killa show @ Mohawk… was worth listening to from the street, people went CRAY-ZEE!

Ireland’s Girl Band made their mark on Mohawk patio and also the Irish Breakfast playing loud, experimental punk rock for a crowd of zombies at the crack of noon.

Win Butler was exactly what you’d expect, he and  his new band all wearing matching T Shirts.

Twin Shadow was a pretty great surprise, when did he get to be a rock star? I didn’t see this coming.

Ceremony was a riot, literally bodies everywhere, was most unexpected energy change in a set I’ve ever seen. Think Morrissey show turns into Metz show, but way more violent, crazier. Made you feel alive.

Ex Cult pretty much came to SXSW to melt faces, amazing, intense, lots of audience participation. One of my personal top 3 acts for the week. #thxrebecca!

Saturday was my “GO BIG” day, most of my meetings and meet ups with labels, publishers, managers and artists  had already happened, and this was the day to see 21 bands, (most in the rain) Public Access TV first, then the Oh Sees started the day with a late set (Dwyer overslept) at Mohawk. I did a momentary check on Scott Weiland’s set at Rachel Ray’s party, then to a GREAT show with Big Data at Cedar Courtyard.

Later that night swung in for some experimental music Julianna Barwick and crazy rave pop from Prince Rama, good old floor-tom-pop from Royal Teeth and a put you to sleep set from Purple and Shlohmo mixed in with an AMAZING set from Tory Lanez (#OhCanada!)  and then Mike Will Made-it’s final SXSW set feat. Retro Su$hi, Two-9 and Riff Raff ended the week with some ATL bass madness.

Good stuff, still the BEST place to do business and see the future of music, 350 days till SXSW 2016 folks, get your hotels NOW!

Bands seen Friday/Saturday:

Hiatus Kaiyote
Will Butler
Twin Shadow
Girl Band
Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
Nosaj Thing
Andrew Combs
Tei She
Until the ribbon breaks
Run the jewels
Public Access TV
SUBOI w Dj Sammy bananas
Delicate Steve
The Oh Sees
Scott Weiland and and the Wildabouts
The Lees of memory
Ex Cult
Bobby Raps
Big Data
Juliana Barwick
Prince Rama
Rome Fortune
Future Death
Royal teeth
Tory Lanez
Mike will made it
Retro $ushi
Riff Raff


Is iHop a farm to table restaurant? Many deep questions at “second dinner” late last night.

Steps walked- 22,786

Bands seen- 14

Meerkat viewers- no time for that!

Bikes shared- 8

BBQ eaten? YES! (fancy bbq at Qui!)

It was another fantastic day here in Austin,  saw lots of bands, met up with lots and lots of people that we work with (or want to work with.)

Started the day with a movie, Mavis! premiered here at SXSW over the weekend, it’s a beautiful documentary about Mavis Staple and the Staple singers.  Great stuff and really lets you see the impact  the Staple Singers had on music.  Jeff Tweedy from Wilco was prominently featured in the film, he produced Mavis’ last two albums and also produced the Pops Staple album that’s just been released, GO SEE THIS FILM!

The day’s music events kicked off early, ran into Conrad and Sheena at Son Little, managed to get my Fader Fort passes sorted out,  hung out with the great people at downtown music caught Shamir at Fader Fort  and The Family Crest at Clive Bar. I saw the tail end of Leikli47’s set, is this the year we see intense female hip hop emcees rise up? Seems like there’s good momentum, and I hope some of these artists break out in 2015.

Had dinner with the Audio Machine crew at Qui, (so good!) was great to hang w them and some of my fav music supervisors from trailers, tv and Nike.

Had my first show-gone-wrong with Meatbodies @ the Mohawk, their guitarist broke his guitar during the first song (!!!!!????!!!) and they could not find a replacement guitar and had to cancel the set. Meatbodies was one of my top acts to see at SXSW and I don’t know if they’re playing again. 😒 Things got back on track after that show, had a great time watching Girl Band, The Districts destroyed their set, Ryn Weaver was great at Stubbs, then it was off to Rainey street to see MURS, and eventually The War On Drugs.

So glad I caught the MURS show! Been a fan, never seen him live.

Did I mention how amazing and inspirational this festival is?! So good to see so many people we work with, so exciting to see emerging artists with such passion and established artists leaving it all in the stage.

Smiles for miles y’all.


Leikli47  @ Blackheart on Rainey

Neon Hitch @Icenhauer’s

Bands seen-
Son little
The family crest
Alex g
Bob Moses
Meat Bodies
girl band
Ryn weaver
The districts
Neon Hitch
The War on drugs


Bands seen- 12

Panels killed- 1

Meerkat stream viewers- 6

Steps walked 21,130

Bike shares- 9

BBQ eaten- HELL YES!

Yesterday was the first full day of SXSW activities. Met with David from Shapiro Bernstein in the AM, managed to sit down for breakfast with JOYWAVE who they publish, then ran to the convention center to meet up w my fellow panelists, josh Rabinowitz (Grey) Rani Vaz (BBDO) and Paul Greco (BBDO.) did our panel “The Madmen (and women) of advertising” had a great time talking about the current state of music in ads, and answered questions from audience members, good stuff and great to share stories.

Then it was out on the streets and to the main event, the MUSIC.

Had some great discoveries yesterday, stayed away from the big shows and the big cues, was introduced to Canadian band “Single Mothers” who melted faces  off at the Canadian Blast BBQ, caught Seinebo Sei, Family of the year, missed Leon Bridge, TWICE 😳, checked out Just Blaze (you KNOW his beats!)  crossed Elliphant off my list and found Halsey late night, another great discovery.

Also joined Austin’s bike share program, GAME CHANGER!!! So nice to be able to zip between distant venues and meetings!

Bands seen-

Plaid Brix
Family of the year
Single Mothers
Dead Sara
Milk and Bone 
Years and years
Seinebo Sei
Just Blaze


Bands seen- 8

Meerkat stream viewers- 5 (check my live streams @SXSW on Twitter, treal111)

Steps walked- 16,143

BBQ eaten- Hell yes!

Hello, and good morning!

Got in in late afternoon yesterday picked up my badge and got sorted out! First show of the fest,  I managed to catch one my favorite bands from Austin, Riverboat Gamblers, always a rocking good time and a nice welcome back to SXSW. Met up with friends, publishers and other music supervisors, hit the Norway music event then checked out Sammus, a female emcee who’s part of the nerdcore wave that’s going on right now. Really interesting lyrics, especially about anime and video games. She also raps aboout there not being a lot of role models for women in that world, sounds nerdy, but it was amazing, unexpectedly emotional. Managed to get into hype hotel, grab some delicious Taco Bell food and saw Milo Greene, Odezsa and Spoon ended the night. Today at 12:30p I’m in a panel discussing licensesing for ads, it’s called Madmen (and Women) of Music, if you are at the festival, please come check us out!   Bands seen:

  1. The Mighty Jones
  2. Riverboat Gamblers
  3. Andra Day
  4. Sammus
  5. Igdy Dean
  6. Milo Greene
  7. Odesza
  8. Spoon

Purity Ring’s sophomore album is worth the wait.

Really excited about the new Purity Ring record, it’s been AWHILE since 2012’s “Shrines” was on heavy rotation and this new album seems to pick up where they left off, (in a good way.) Really digging the updated production verrrry clean!

I’m still on the first listen, but this will be my sound track for the next week or so, atleast until we get a week out from Austin.

I’m excited to see if they make it to SXSW this year, the festival that launched the band into the international spotlight back in 2012.